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In addition to providing powerful time & billing, practice management and business intelligence software, ProVantage Software is very well versed in data conversions, and our client support team provides training to get users up and running fast.

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  • We are particularly impressed with the ProVantage support team. They provide prompt attention to support calls. Even though we are on the East Coast and their office is on the West Coast, we never have difficulty getting someone on the phone to help us.

F.A.Q. / Help

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General Questions

  • Why is ProVantage a better solution?

    The unique ProVantage Entity database stores information on all individual and company clients, matters, employees, vendors and contacts and their relationships to each other. This powerful system enables users to perform complex queries and analyses which are not possible with traditional relational information systems. With ProVantage you can:

    • Analyze the total impact-including direct and indirect referrals-of a particular client on firm revenue and profitability.
    • Develop a plan for improving profitability, revenue or satisfaction related to a specific client.
    • Handle non-standard client requirements such as custom billing, unique reporting and exceptional circumstances.
    • Retain valuable historical information and manage important dates. Users can maintain and track historical effective dates for various matter and timekeeper assignments. This feature enables the firm to make changes to client/matter, user, organizational and financial information without losing historical data.
  • What is business intelligence?

    A Business Intelligence (BI) system extracts information from your accounting and other systems, refines and transforms it where necessary and finally aggregates it into a flexible format useful for making strategic business decisions.

    BI answers questions like:

    • How profitable are my firm’s practice groups, offices, timekeepers, clients and matters?
    • Which practice groups have a high profit margin but low billing volume and vice versa?
    • How can I determine realization differences between practice groups?
    • How can I get supporting information when determining partner allocation and compensation?
    • What are the underlying billing and collection lag differences across billing partners?
    • What are the firms carrying costs by billing timekeeper?


  • I am installing PV on a Win7 64-bit machine and can’t get past the Crystal Installation step – what should I do?

    When crystal is installed it creates a folder with a full path called C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Business Objects.  This folder needs to be copied to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Business Objects.

Software Features

  • Is it possible to store Images of checks that we receive from clients, in ProVantage?

    The Imaging module allows you to store Images in the Payables, Receivables, Vendors, Trust and Client/Matter modules.

  • Does Provantage do batch processing of Client Receipts?

    Yes. In ProVantage you can import a batch of payments, matching them to bills or clients/matters.

  • Is it possible to export checks from ProVantage to the bank?

    Yes. We have a process, called Positive Pay, which will export an import file for your bank to handle.

  • Can the software email the bills to our clients?

    Yes, by having SQL Mail running and then entering a valid email address in the Account|Bill Information|Email Addresses tab, you can send either the bill or just notification that a bill has been sent.


  • I have a Payroll journal that is basically the same every 2 weeks. Can I copy an existing Journal Entry to start the new one with?

    There are 2 ways you can go to make this journal entry easier. One is to enter the JE, then go up to the Action menu and Memorize the entry. Then when you are ready to enter another one, go to the Action menu again and select to Recall a Memorized Entry. This will bring up the original entry and you can make any necessary changes to it. The other way you can handle this is to use our GL Import module which brings the file from your payroll company into our software to create the JE for you.

  • It seems like a lot of screens to fill out when adding a new client or matter. Is there a faster way to do this?

    There is a CMA Wizard that walks you through the necessary fields to add a new Client, Matter and/or Account. The process is much faster because you setup a Wizard template with most of the fields already filled in and then use the template for the Wizard.