Time & billing software is often the backbone of the law office. That’s why it’s important that your firm is getting the most from its time & billing investment. If it’s not, take a closer look at the ProVantage® Suite.

ProVantage® offers its powerful, yet easy to use time & billing solutions to benefit your firm and help you provide superior service to your clients. ProVantage offers:

  • Accounting system including fully integrated G/L
  • Numerous budgeting tools
  • Convenient remote and browser-based fee entry systems
  • Trust and Collections
  • An extensive, impressive list of standard reports (over 280!)
  • Exception reporting alert system
  • Conflicts Management
  • Approval Tracking System for your clients’ files and records
  • Records Management
  • Marketing tools to help your firm retain and attract new clients
  • Analysis tools that translate routine accounting transactions into executive insight
  • Integration with your banking vendors through Lockbox, Positive Pay and Statement Import
  • Integration with other outside vendors through G/L & A/P Import
  • Rules-based workflows for file intake, G/L interface and collections
  • Configurable fee & cost entry screens

And all ProVantage products are backed by a first class, highly responsive support team.

Why is ProVantage a better solution?

The unique ProVantage Entity database stores information on all individual and company clients, matters, employees, vendors and contacts and their relationships to each other. This powerful system enables users to perform complex queries and analyses which are not possible with traditional relational information systems. With ProVantage you can:

  • Analyze the total impact-including direct and indirect referrals-of a particular client on firm revenue and profitability.
  • Develop a plan for improving profitability, revenue or satisfaction related to a specific client.
  • Handle non-standard client requirements such as custom billing, unique reporting and exceptional circumstances.
  • Retain valuable historical information and manage important dates. Users can maintain and track historical effective dates for various matter and timekeeper assignments. This feature enables the firm to make changes to client/matter, user, organizational and financial information without losing historical data.
  • Extensive Reporting
    • over 280 standard reports each with filtering, sorting and grouping criteria
    • with support for soft dates and ranges and ability to store settings
    • custom reports through access to DB dictionary and any ODBC SQL-compliant report-writing tool
    • Reports scheduling
    • Focal Point
    • Agents
    • Dashboards
  • Wizards
    • C/M Setup
    • Billing/Payment Wizard
    • One-step Matter Closing