ProVantage Suite

Time & billing software is often the backbone of the law office. That’s why it’s important that your firm is getting the most from its time & billing investment. If it’s not, take a closer look at the ProVantage® Suite.

ProVantage® offers its powerful, yet easy to use time & billing solutions to benefit your firm and help you provide superior service to your clients. ProVantage offers:

  • Accounting system including fully integrated G/L
  • Numerous budgeting tools
  • Convenient remote and browser-based fee entry systems
  • Trust and Collections
  • An extensive, impressive list of standard reports (over 280!)
  • Exception reporting alert system
  • Conflicts Management
  • Approval Tracking System for your clients’ files and records
  • Records Management
  • Marketing tools to help your firm retain and attract new clients
  • Analysis tools that translate routine accounting transactions into executive insight
  • Integration with your banking vendors through Lockbox, Positive Pay and Statement Import
  • Integration with other outside vendors through G/L & A/P Import
  • Rules-based workflows for file intake, G/L interface and collections
  • Configurable fee & cost entry screens

And all ProVantage products are backed by a first class, highly responsive support team.

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Why is ProVantage a better solution?

The unique ProVantage Entity database stores information on all individual and company clients, matters, employees, vendors and contacts and their relationships to each other. This powerful system enables users to perform complex queries and analyses which are not possible with traditional relational information systems. With ProVantage you can:

  • Analyze the total impact-including direct and indirect referrals-of a particular client on firm revenue and profitability.
  • Develop a plan for improving profitability, revenue or satisfaction related to a specific client.
  • Handle non-standard client requirements such as custom billing, unique reporting and exceptional circumstances.
  • Retain valuable historical information and manage important dates. Users can maintain and track historical effective dates for various matter and timekeeper assignments. This feature enables the firm to make changes to client/matter, user, organizational and financial information without losing historical data.
  • Reporting Extensive
    • over 280 std. reports each with filtering, sorting and grouping criteria
    • with support for soft dates and ranges and ability to store settings
    • custom reports through access to DB dictionary and any ODBC SQL-compliant report-writing tool
    • Reports scheduling
    • Focal Point
    • Agents
    • Dashboards
  • Wizards
    • C/M Setup
    • Billing/Payment Wizard
    • One-step Matter Closing


Time and Cost

The ProVantage® Time and Cost Accounting subsystem enables firms to easily and efficiently capture and manage all billable/non-billable time and incurred costs. It integrates with the unique ProVantage Entity database to provide a comprehensive, flexible tool for improving accountability and maximizing profitability.

Users can:

  • Enter billable and non-billable time manually or automatically.
  • Enter full-text descriptions in draft or final form, by task code or client/matter or delegate tasks to administrative assistants.
  • Actively manage changes and exceptions by assigning effective dates for client matter assignments, fee rates, and cost changes. This enables administrators to make retroactive changes or define the effective dates for future changes without the costly and time-consuming process of re-opening matters, reconciled accounts, or client bills. The system updates automatically to reflect the changes.
  • Calculate actual costs from standard fee and rate definitions maintained within ProVantage to get a clear picture of productivity and client profitability across the firm.

Entry Options:

  • by hours (begin or end of day entry)
  • by time segment (6am-7am)
  • by stopwatch
  • by browser app
  • by smart devices synced through the cloud
  • by 3rd party batches

Time-Saving Features:

  • Auto-save & Begin next entry
  • Manual or Auto Spell-check
  • Shorthand abbreviation codes
  • Allow draft or final entry
  • Move transaction (billed->firm, firm->billed)
  • Copy transaction including  narrative
  • Support standard word processing features
  • Search for text across entries
  • In-grid editing
  • Allow special fees with no hours

Configurable Screens:

  • Fee register
  • Firm time register
  • Cost register

ProVantage also offers a convenient, browser-based fee entry system called iFee for times you’re away from the office:

  • Real-time updates to ProVantage fee database.
  • Same powerful client/matter search capability.
  • Secured access and protection of sensitive fee data.

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Client Matter


The ProVantage Client/Matter Management subsystem saves time and helps avoid costly mistakes by using the power of the ProVantage Entity Database to centrally manage client information, avoid client/matter conflicts, and track all client matters.

The complexity of business and individual relationships can make it difficult to identify conflicts of interest. Yet those conflicts can have a chilling effect when they’re discovered after a client has signed a contract with your firm. Having access to as much client information as possible is the key to avoiding these surprises as well as to providing the best client service and effectively growing your portfolio of clients.

To keep track of this information and put it to work to optimize your practice, ProVantage Software, a leading developer of integrated business solutions for financial and information management, has developed the ProVantage Client/Matter Management subsystem. Client/Matter Management integrates with the ProVantage Entity Database (EMS) to enable professional services firms to steer clear of client conflicts and efficiently and easily manage in-depth information on new clients, including the search of external databases such as OFAC.

ProVantage Client/Matter Management helps you optimize your existing portfolio of clients and avoid conflicts of interest. ProVantage Client/Matter Management provides an unprecedented set of tools for analyzing all aspects of your portfolio of client/matters. Its powerful search, management, and analysis capabilities enable you to capture key client relationship information, quickly identify conflicts of interest, and provide better service to your existing clients. It also helps to ensure that client information is easily accessible across the firm.

Client/Matter Management consists of:

  • Conflict Management
  • Client/Matter Maintenance
  • Account Maintenance

Separate modules:

  • Client Portfolio
  • Records Management
  • Matter Management
  • File Opening

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Client Billing


The ProVantage Client Billing subsystem provides flexible billing capabilities and enables firms to easily customize billing structures to meet clients’ needs. It helps save time, prevent errors, and deliver more responsive client service.

The scope of services required from professional services firms often goes beyond simply providing legal, accounting, or other services for a fee. Today, clients increasingly require these firms to provide a wide range of non-standard billing structures and meet increased accountability requirements. The ability to cost-effectively tailor your billing and reporting systems to meet those requirements can build stronger relationships with your clients and provide a clearer view of your financial standing.

ProVantage Software, a leading developer of integrated business solutions for financial and information management, offers these capabilities to professional services firms with the ProVantage Client Billing subsystem. ProVantage Client Billing integrates with the ProVantage Entity Database (EMS) to provide a degree of flexibility that enables you to cost effectively tailor your client billing to match virtually any billing structure required by your clients. And it helps to ensure that all billing details are easily accessible across the firm within the familiar Windows environment.

ProVantage Client Billing saves time, improves accuracy, and delivers maximum flexibility. This comprehensive billing and accounts receivable subsystem handles many time-consuming billing tasks automatically, using data stored in ProVantage. It provides draft billing for reviewing and validating fees and costs and offers several billing options that enable you to meet a variety of client requirements.

Client Billing consists of:

  • Draft Billing
  • Billing
  • Bill Designer
  • Accounts Receivable

Separate modules:

  • Split Billing
  • Electronic Billing
  • Collections
  • Value Billing

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The ProVantage Reporting subsystem provides an extensive collection of standard reports on financial, client/matter, marketing, and productivity information as well as a report designer that enables users to easily customize or develop their own reports. This helps firms analyze data more thoroughly and cost-effectively meet a wide range of reporting demands.

In the professional services market, sophisticated reporting capabilities are becoming a necessity both to meet your clients’ demands and to ensure your firm’s survival. Clients are increasingly demanding higher levels of accountability for the services for which they pay. And firms need an accurate, integrated picture of all aspects of their financial and client operations to compete successfully.

To meet these needs, ProVantage Software, a leading developer of integrated business solutions for financial and information management, has developed the ProVantage Reporting subsystem. As a key part of the ProVantage Total Client Asset Management strategy, Reporting includes a comprehensive set of standard reports, written using SAP Crystal Reports. Using a flexible ProVantage interface for selecting, filtering, sorting, listing and group by criteria, novices find it easy to modify existing reports or create new ones. Using the display interface, the user can jump to different report sections, search for words in the report and export into a variety of formats.

ProVantage Reporting-The easiest way to create professional reports on all aspects of your firm’s performance. Based on the widely used SAP Crystal Reports, the advanced user, using a flexible ProVantage interface to Crystal combined with access to the database dictionary, can easily create standard or custom reports from the information stored in ProVantage. This can help you better meet your clients’ requirements and get a complete picture of a wide range of financial, client/matter, marketing, productivity, or profitability details.

ProVantage Reporting includes:

  • Over 280 standard reports
  • report designer to create custom reports

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Financial Management

With the ProVantage Financial Management and Analysis subsystem, your firm can efficiently and accurately summarize and consolidate detailed financial data and automate key accounting functions. This helps improve decision-making and financial management, while saving administrative time.

To ensure growth, legal and other professional services firms must be able to analyze a wide range of factors regarding client profitability and staff productivity. Firms also need to be able to streamline routine tasks to help reduce administrative costs.

Addressing both of those needs, ProVantage Software, a leading developer of integrated business solutions for financial and information management, has developed the ProVantage Financial Management and Analysis subsystem. Financial Management and Analysis provides a comprehensive, integrated view–within the familiar Windows environment–of financial information across the entire firm and across all clients. It uses the G/L Rules in ProVantage Central to automatically record transactions from other subsystems into the General Ledger, which saves administrative time. The 50-character posting account code structure can support a variety of sub-elements including 2 types of offices, departments, practice groups, sections, timekeeper types, job classes and user types, as well as a prime chart number, area of law and work location so that various profit centers of the firm can be tracked and managed. And because your staff can spend more time analyzing information and less time posting, this subsystem can result in more efficient financial management and better decision-making across the firm and any of its component profit centers. Even when entry and posting is required, PV supports a variety of features to make the process as efficient as possible. Such features as memorizing and recalling journal entries, support for auto-reversing and recurring entries, allowing dynamic creation of posting accounts, electronic storage of posting reports and “Undo Post” feature. If you have to track or trace a transaction, PV provides audit trails for every transaction and an inquiring engine so you can easily locate any transaction by any of its attributes including information on reference lines.

ProVantage Financial Management helps improve decision making and productivity. The ProVantage Financial Management subsystem provides a comprehensive set of tools to streamline the management, reporting, and analysis of the firm’s financial information.

Financial Management consists of:

  • Account Maintenance
  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable

Separate modules:

  • Trust Accounting
  • Timekeeper Budgeting

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Web-based Fee Entry

ProVantage iFee web-based fee entry app.

ProVantage harnesses the power and convenience of the Internet to help you enter and review time, anytime and anywhere.  Enhance your productivity.  Put iFee to work the next time your away from the office.  With iFee, on the go professionals are able to enter and review their time over the internet.  Imagine the convenience of entering your own time not only at the office, but from home, a client site using your laptop or mobile phone.  Contact Provantage to see a demo today.