Evaluating Law Office Accounting Software

What need must you meet? Law Firm Accounting and Management Software? As a legal practice, you need a Law Office solution as cross-industry solutions do not meet law-practice, specialized needs. Accounting and Financial Management means ERP (Enterprise Resource Management).

To find the right Law Office ERP, focus on applications Breadth and Depth.

Breadth – Ensure the application meets ALL your needs.

  • Does the application meet all your basic needs – General Ledger (GL), Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), Client Billing, Time Entry Workflow, Matter Management, Cloud-based (to minimize computer and IT costs), Ad hoc reporting and an easy-to-use user interface.
  • Does it meet all your specialized needs (law-office specific) – Conflict of Interest determination, data security, on-line help, flexibility in opening a client-case file, paperless billing, pre-bill adjustments, built-in electronic billing. Your list of specific needs is long and detailed.

If an application does not meet your needs, labor costs increase as you must create and use manual systems to offset shortcomings or you must find and use another application to fill the weakness. Bottom line: If breadth is inadequate, you do not want it. Click here for an email describing Cloud-Pro ERP breadth.

Cloud-Pro ERP has more breadth (broader basic and specialized needs) than any other available product. How do we know? Our customers tell us.

Most vendors are good at convincing you their application breadth is adequate! It is much harder to oversell you if you dig into the details of Depth.

Depth – How you do it is where the rubber meets the road.

  • For example, does the product do Conflict of Interest checking. Yes, they say. This is a depth example: Does it search for root words, exact words, like words, word ranges, and Soundex? Does it search entity relationships and related-party information? Does it create synonyms for every word and search for them too (Like Robert implies Rob, Bob and Bobby)? This depth example is a fraction of the Cloud-Pro ERP depth in Conflict-Of-Interest checking – Click here for an email describing our Conflict-Of-Interest depth.
  • Ideally considerable Depth exists in all parts of the application. As you evaluate Cloud-Pro ERP’s depth, you will find features you absolutely must have, that no other product has even contemplated.
  • Depth is the key to ease of use, avoiding errors and extra steps, and an application that facilitates efficiency rather than obstructing it.
  • How did we create so much depth? We been in business for over 38 years. We know law practice accounting. We have worked with our customers to add depth for years. We built our product around an Inner Core (basic architecture) that anticipated and facilitates increasing depth over time

Cloud-Pro ERP has more depth (built-in solutions to the complexity of a law practice business) than any other available product. How do we know? Our customers tell us.

ProVantage has a designed a spreadsheet that you can use to evaluate Cloud-Pro ERP against one or more competitors. Click here to schedule an Executive Call and a Cloud-Pro ERP demonstration. We happily provide our Breadth & Depth spreadsheet after an Executive Call and demonstration.