The Newest Release, ProVantage 10.1.15 is Here

Newest Release

The Newest Release is Here

March 1, 2015, Kirkland, WA – ProVantage Software, Inc., developer of high quality financial management and business intelligence software, is please to announce that ProVantage has been upgraded to version with a host of new features and enhancements for users.

New features include:

  • Modernization of the database architecture, relying on the SQL Native Client in lieu of older, less performant database technologies. As part of this modernization, greater use is made of in memory datasets, with somewhat less database access required.
  • Implementation of a new spell check engine, allowing greater flexibility in configuration options and creation of user dictionaries.
  • Implementation of a new Imaging system to more quickly store and browse images in A/P, A/R, Client/Matter, and Trust.
  • Support for Active Directory authentication, bypassing the need for a separate logon to ProVantage.
  • A new version of the Document Assembly Engine now uses ASPOSE.WORDS (as a replacement for Microsoft Word automation) to generate Word and PDF versions of bill, draft bill and statement documents. Aspose allows firms to upgrade to newer releases of Microsoft Office on their timetable as PSI certification for new releases will be immediate when new releases are offered.
  • Integration of Trust workflow area with payments application area in A/R that reduces the number of steps needed to withdraw funds from trust accounts and apply them to fee and cost items on a client bill and simplifies the overall process.
  • Provision of a platform for new InTouch solution modules which operate as dashboards that handle the needs of working, billing, responsible, and originating timekeepers as well as firm level executives. InTouch modules are separately licensed.
  • Provision of a platform for mobile time capture through smart devices and billing guideline control at the matter level.
  • Major enhancements to the Collections module:

The Pending tab now shows a lot of pertinent information relating to the Account that the user has selected on the list including the outstanding balance of the Account that is selected and access to the Collection Details tab for that Account.

The Collections Detail tab allows the user to enter a “Promise to Pay” for a specific bill or for a dollar amount and reports can be run to see outstanding promises, users can view the promises that the client has made and can mark the promise as being met. A list of all outstanding bills for the Account is now also available from this area.

Addresses and phone numbers in the Entity workflow area can be changed directly from the Collections module and bills can be reprinted directly form Collections for the client as well.

“Collection Notes” can be created and maintained from within collections where users can create folders and enter notes into those folders and reports can also be run to include the notes.

  • Ability to stop Cost entry at a specific dollar amount by Matter or Matter/Cost Code.
  • Ability to produce Quick Bills that allows the user to enter a Fee, a Cost or both in order to create a Bill. The items will be entered into WIP, and then automatically billed. There is also an option in the application to create a payment to pay off the newly created Bill.
  • Seventeen new reports available (in addition to the already over 300 standard reports) when the appropriate modules are licensed that include:

Billing and Receipts \ Prior Period Adjustment Applications and Reversals
Payables and Vendors \ Deleted AP Invoice Items
Payables and Vendors \ Vendor GL Detail
Management Information \ Assigned Working Timekeeper Realization
Management Information \ Potential Form 8300 Matters
Management Information \ Matter Bills and Receipts
Management Information \ Timekeeper Daily Balances
Collections \ Collections Promise List
Collections \ Collection Items Pending
Clients, Matters, Accounts \ Matter Information
Clients, Matters, Accounts \ Matter Account Membership
Clients, Matters, Accounts \ Matter Shelf Life
Clients, Matters, Accounts \ Matter Audit
Clients, Matters, Accounts \ Matter Status Change Report
Administration \ User GL List
General Ledger \ GL Account Balance
WIP \ Negative Costs and Possible Matches